French Maison, creations and manufactures

The Maison Daorah

Mylène Lepage has been living on the French Riviera for 20 years.

After spending time in the business and catering service, in 2017 she decided to take a radical turn in her professional career. This Designer frees herself from her past and launches passionately into fashion design and modelling, joining the private fashion school Aline Buffet in Cannes.

Thanks to her teachers she has taken part in 3 Cannes festivals. This opportunity has allowed her to go behind the scenes in the two worlds that she loves: cinema and haute couture.

Inspired by this experience, Mylène founded the Maison DAORAH in 2020, specializing in high-end women’s beachwear.

Her ambition: to revisit the notion of French-style beachwear.


Only the body can be the true style architect of this "Maison"...

The DAORAH ethos

Travelling through time and femininity

Daorah pays tribute to feminity.
This Maison wishes to inject “French elegance” into the world of beachwear. The Designer is inspired by female personalities that she borrows from life, art, cinema and history.
The Maison gives pride of place to icons, it revisits eras, their trends and influences.

DAORAH plays on transparency

The Maison creates a unique and different bathing wardrobe, halfway between lingerie and evening wear. A delicate encounter where daring, elegance and freedom mingle.

The designer thus signs the DAORAH spirit.

According to the Maison, the DAORAH woman is a daring epicurean, an elegant contemporary who brilliantly combines the essentials of her life.


The workshop

Creation and know-how

Only the body can be the true style architect of this ‘maison’.

Each creation is unique, imagined and shaped with respect for the “haute couture” tradition.

The patterns are made using the technique of moulding fabrics on a mannequin. The prototypes are adjusted to adapt to the natural curves of the body, ensuring ease and comfort. Very attached to details and finishes, the Maison pays them special attention.

Manufacturing and distribution

The creations are made on the Côte d´Azur, in Nice. We work closely with our French craftsman to satisfy you and offer you the best.

A responsible approach

This comprehensive approach of responsible support is an integral part of the DNA of the Maison DAORAH.


The Tulle


Bold choice and iconic material of the Maison

A real second skin and as soft as a caress. The tulle adapts perfectly to the natural curves of the body and to all body types, thus leaving the woman free to move.

Our tulles are selected for their feel, transparency and elasticity, essential characteristics for your comfort.